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Tekskil Industries – The Industry Standard For On-Camera And Speech Prompting Systems

A prompter is an electronic instrument used to display script on a reflective glass surface in front of a camera (teleprompter) or an audience (speech prompter). The script is displayed several lines at a time and scrolls vertically like the credits at the end of a movie.

Electronic prompting eliminates the need to memorize a script or prepare cue cards, and greatly improves eye contact between the speaker and the audience. Quality prompters cut video production costs by reducing the number of takes required to produce a professional, finished product.

Innovative engineering and quality manufacturing has made Tekskil prompters the leading choice for studios, video production and presentation staging.

Compare features, construction and value with other manufacturers – we’re confident Tekskil’s quality, ease of use and affordability make our prompters the choice for your prompting needs.

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