About Us

Tekskil Industries was founded in 1981 by a group of engineers who were dissatisfied with the status quo.

The manager of a large corporate training department had a major operational issue: video productions routinely blew past the agreed delivery date and most were over the projected cost. Debriefs with the video crew revealed the culprit – an astonishing number of retakes due to presenters forgetting or stumbling on their script.

The production crew agreed an on-camera prompter was needed, but the only equipment available were massive studio set-ups or Rube Goldberg contraptions, where scrolls of plastic film covered with handwritten script being wound by the camera lens. Several department engineers became intrigued with the lack of an effective EFP prompter and took on the challenge of designing and building a clean sheet product – Tekskil was born.

First off the line was the 909 series, a robust, lightweight monitor prompting system designed specifically for small studios. Orders for hundreds rolled in. That success was quickly followed by the 909C, the industry’s first purpose- built computer prompter. It featured an on-board plasma display, simultaneous edit and prompt, a sophisticated communication system for remote feeds and a solid-state cartridge for secure script storage. Sales of the 909C boomed, and Tekskil products were in demand to an international market ranging from North America to Europe and even the Far East.

Over the past 4 decades, Tekskil engineers have continued to design and
manufacture equipment to support presentation excellence.