Basic Motorized Pedestals (Q60 & Q63)

A good foundation changes everything.

Is your Talent sitting down in a casual group setting or raised up on a platform behind a desk? Tekskil has a solution for both scenarios. Choose either one of these pedestals and have a solid foundation for your PTZ Camera at a price that is lower than most manual pedestals. With a 90 lbs. payload, even the heaviest systems can be supported. Add 3 local memory presets and an optional tethered remote and it will be difficult to justify anything else – all at a price competitive to purely manual systems!
Add the Q41 Basic Pan Table and have ±185° rotation of the Camera Platform with its 3 local memory presets and its tethered remote and you have the best of robotics capabilities at an affordable price. With space for a PS-90 Power Supply inside the forward leg, both Basic Pedestals can supply DC power to accessories without having to have visible external assemblies.


  • 90-pound payload
  • 19-inch elevation range
  • 42 up to 61 inch elevation for Q60
  • 32 up to 51 inch elevation for Q63 (lowboy)
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Local control with 3 position memory
  • Built-in Power Distribution (AC & DC)
  • Built-in Network Distribution (Ethernet)
  • Optional Tethered Control (Q52)
  • Optional Pan Table (Q41)
  • Optional Pan Bar Kit (Q51)

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