Large Robotic Studio Systems

With every prompter manufacturer claiming to do robotics, compare and see for yourself.

Tekskil has developed a unique suspension and dampening system for
use with robotics that no other manufacturer has. Based on tensioning
and triangulation (regarded as the strongest support there is), Tekskil
has fine tuned this system over the past nineteen years. Beginning in
2002 a leading robotic positioning manufacturer approached us with a
problem they needed to solve – namely excessive vibration in the large
beamsplitters necessary for use with wide angle HDTV lenses. Weight
and mass hung off the front of the pan & tilt seemed to amplify any
vibrations when the system was panned on-air. They approached
several manufacturers with no success until they came to Tekskil.

Our engineers studied the problem and decided that the best way to
cancel out the vibration was to make the system very rigid and to put
the beamsplitter under some slight tension. The first step was to make
the beamsplitter shroud as rigid as possible by constructing a frame of
aircraft quality aluminum and then stretching fabric over it. A full metal top adds rigidity without adding much additional weight. This solution accomplished two things – making the beamsplitter very light weight and very rigid. The next part of the solution was to triangulate the system
to minimize vibrations. The system you see here has two outrigger arms that triangulate the beamsplitter back to the camera riser which is firmly attached to the rail. These outriggers have spherical rod ends to prevent binding and allows the camera riser to have complete freedom of movement to perfectly balance the camera. The outriggers are made up of two hollow rods one inside the other and adjusted for length by the weighted turnbuckle which helps to dampen out any vibrations that are present.

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