High Performance DC Power Supplies

Power your production with Tekskil’s high performance DC supplies

Are you finding your studio cameras don’t have enough capacity to power the prompters? Are you frustrated with the tangle of power supplies hanging from your tripod or pedestal? Get rid of the mess with a Tekskil state of the art power supply.

Tekskil power supplies are the latest development in power technology – Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Unlike conventional linear power supplies using an inefficient brute force approach, SMPS supplies incorporate a highly efficient switching regulator to convert incoming electrical power.

How it works: The pass transistors of an SMPS cycle between full-on and full-off states very quickly (typically between 50 kHz and 1 MHz). Voltage regulation is achieved by varying the ratio of on/off cycle time – producing a very clean and stable output with little waste energy or heat. In contrast, a linear power supply must dissipate excess energy as heat to regulate the output, which limits the amount of power this type of supply can practically produce.

Tekskil power supplies work with a broad range of AC or DC power sources regardless of input voltage variances to produce adequate regulated DC to power your cameras, prompters and auxiliary monitors.


• Fully encapsulated construction with industry-standard Female XLR-4 connector and detachable IEC AC line cord
• Power Factor Correction circuit eliminates the need for a 110 / 220 volt switch and copes with a wider variation of input fluctuations
• Built- in protection from input surge current, over voltage and output over load
• EMI filters and RF shielding meet FCC Part-15 class B
• Meets all UL and TUV safety requirements
• Energy efficient – Energy Star 2.0; efficiency level V
• Optional TA97A/C “Y”/Dual “Y” Power Supply Splitter

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DG13 (PS60)

Input (AC): 90 – 260V (47-63Hz)

Output (DC): 12.6V @ 60W max

Current: 5 Amp max

DG25 (PS90)

Input (AC): 90 – 260V (47-63Hz)

Output (DC): 12.6V @ 90W max

Current: 6.6 Amp max

DG38 (PS160)

Input (AC): 90 – 260V (47-63Hz)

Output (DC): 12.6V @ 160W max

Current: 10.8 Amp max