15 Inch Field Prompters

Tired of lugging heavy prompters and counterweights around in the field?

Field crews produce a vital and growing share of broadcast production, and the need to shoot quality and time-effective footage outside the studio has become a major challenge. Retakes are the big headache for most shoots and mangled script delivery is almost always the culprit. The answer seems obvious – drag along the studio prompter. Unfortunately, its not that easy… experienced crews know that studio prompters don’t work well in the field – they’re not bright enough to read, difficult to set up and too fragile to carry in the truck. Tekskil has solved these problems with our most portable and rugged outdoor prompters.

These prompters are the ultimate in readability – distances of 20 feet or more are no problem. And those prompter displays are integrated with our signature extruded aluminum frame rail and docking hardware for a truly portable product. The camera hood is equipped with a framed 40/60 beamsplitter that provides wide angle viewing without annoying glare. ‘No Tool’ construction provides both ruggedness and quick setup & teardown. This system is the ideal companion for the new breed of ultra compact Mini-DV Camcorders and lightweight field tripods.


  • Rugged All-metal Construction
  • Great Performance
  • Fast Assembly
  • Easy Transport
  • Cost Effective

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