Tally Displays

Keep your talent on time and in sync.

Tekskil offers three unique tally displays to satisfy your tally requirements – each purpose built tally integrates seamlessly with any camera or switcher protocol. And because every Tekskil Tally has an adaptive input, you’re not saddled with a stick-on sensor that can fall off.

The TA90 Tally Light is a three LED array mounted to the front of Tekskil’s prompter monitor. Highly visible to the Talent immediately below the prompt text, this configuration provides instantaneous ‘on-air’
information. This is our most economical and popular single stage tally solution.

The TA96+ TallyCAM is our affordable 2-Stage Tally Display (Preview/Next Up/Amber and Program/On-Air/Red) with Camera ID (0-19) and individually dimmable zones. With a wide LED Bar Tally, the talent can instantly see their status below the prompt text.

The TA40 Electronic Floor Manager is the ultimate in Talent Information. It provides Clock, dual Count Up/Count Down Timers, 3-Stage Tally Display (Preview/Next Up/Amber, Program/On-Air/Red, and Special/Recording/Green all with user-selectable colors), and Ad Hoc Messaging. The Floor Manager requires a Network with a Tekskil Control Hub and the Tekskil Control Application with Graphical User Interface.

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