19″ Premium Auxiliary Displays (TA38)

A perfect companion for the new generation of Prompter Systems

This wide screen Aux Display will make life easier for your onscreen talent and production crew. Tekskil’s Premium Displays mount perfectly with today’s smaller, lighter cameras & pan/tilt heads – no problems with overloading or balancing your camera system. The display is mounted at the optimum position and angle underneath the prompter with micro-truss supports – Tekskil’s benchmark design and engineering. 

Our custom hardware enables mounting to any Tekskil Basic or Premium Series Studio Prompters. Many broadcast studios are realizing the benefits of prompter mounted Auxiliary Displays – secondary screens are a great way to share remote feeds and on-air cueing with the talent. Server feeds, Chromakeys, and over-the-shoulder inserts are readily visible without losing eye contact with the camera. Your talent will appreciate the added production support provided by auxiliary displays.  Tekskil’s quality, ease of use, and affordability make our prompting systems the best choice for all your prompting needs.


  • Edge lit LED Backlight Technology
  • Low reflectance imaging
  • Slim light weight cabinet with robust truss
  • Side Bar, Zoom and Stretch Modes
  • Low power consumption

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