Tekskil Universal TallyCAM (TA96+)

You’ve got talent cueing issues when:

• The new cameras have standby and on-air indicators but the old prompters have just a single red light.

• The tally lights aren’t bright enough to see easily and there’s no adjustment.

• The suction cups that stick the tally light sensors onto the cameras fall off just to aggravate you.

• The talent can’t squint enough to read the handmade labels used for camera IDs.


Eliminate talent cueing problems with Tekskil’s Universal TallyCAM© System

• Easy mount display integrating standby, on-air and camera ID indicators (1-19)

• Bright, color LED arrays – individually dimmable • Red/Amber LED Bar and Red Camera Display • Built-in switching logic will interface with any camera or control room tally logic

• 12V DC powered – High Bright super efficient LED module draws only 3 watts

• Mounts on any prompter head • Built Tekskil tough for years of reliable operation

• Lightweight aluminum metal enclosure (8″ x 3” x 1” )

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