Motorized Pan Tables (Q40 & Q41)

Tekskil Motorized Pan Tables give your PTZ Cameras a ±185° Field of View

More and more stations are adopting automation for improved production and reduced costs. A new breed of integrated pan/tilt/zoom cameras has emerged – PTZs. Utilizing miniature pan tilt assemblies with compact high performance cameras, PTZ systems provide broadcast quality video at a very reasonable cost. However, they come with a headache – PTZ Teleprompters restrict the Field of View (FoV) that the PTZ Camera can see. For our own Q30 capsule, that relationship is: for every 10 feet from the camera the FoV is 24 feet wide. With the premium on floor space, that is never enough. Pan Tables provide the extra Field of View required.

Tekskil Broadcast Products offer two motorized Pan Tables – the Q41 Basic Motorized Pan Table with 3 local memory presets and the Q40 Network Controlled Motorized Pan Table with 3 local and 100 network memory presets. Both Pan Tables provide absolute positioning such that every preset memory is exactly the same shot as when saved. Q40 and Q41 both support 90 lbs. payloads and will couple to any of the Tekskil Motorized Pedestals.

The Q40 Network Integrated Motorized Pan Table when coupled with the Q50 Network Integrated Pedestal and a Network Integrated PTZ Camera will provide your facility with a very powerful and cost effective platform
to automate your productions. Tekskil’s Graphical User Interface can act as a Shot Box in preparing your scripts prior to the final shooting.


  • 90 lbs. Payload
  • 370 degrees of rotation
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Local control of 3 pre-set positions
  • Network control of 100 positions (Q40 only)
  • DC Power Distribution
  • Ethernet Distribution
  • Optional Tethered Control