Network Integrated Pedestal (Q50)

A Prepositioning Affordable Alternative to big Robotic Pedestals

The Tekskil Q50 is the foundation of Tekskil’s Network Integrated PTZ Teleprompter System. It provides a very stable platform with a 90 lbs. payload. Add to this foundation motorization with 19 inches of elevation and the ability to be controlled via the studio internal network. 100 memory presets are available with absolute positioning. The Tekskil Control Hub and the Tekskil Platform Controller allows the Q50 to be controlled by our GUI Touchscreen Control, the PTZ Camera Control, a Newsroom or even an Automation System.

The Q50 Pedestal also provides DC and AC Distribution as well as Ethernet within the column eliminating cabling headaches. With space for a PS-90 90 watt DC Power Supply inside the forward leg, pedestals can supply DC power to accessories. Mobility is provided by 3 locking casters with cable
guards. Add the Q40 Network Integrated Pan Table and have ±185° rotation of the Camera Platform with its 3 local and 100 network memory presets. Add its optional tethered remote and you have the best of robotics capabilities at an affordable price.


  • 90 Pound Payload
  • 19 Inch Elevation Range
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Local Control of 3 Memory Positions
  • Network Control of 100 Memory Positions
  • Built-in Power Distribution (AC & DC)
  • Built-in Network Distribution (Ethernet)

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