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Why Should I buy Tekskil?

There’s a lot more to prompters than price. Just ask the folks in front of the lens – prompters are one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the entire studio. Like a good watch, the prompter has to work well and work reliably; work for the talent, work for the production crew and work for the business manager.
The talent needs a bright, crisp prompter display free from stray reflections and vibration. Accomplishing that requires a monitor with at least three times the light output of a consumer display (to compensate for beamsplitter losses), screen micro-laminates to eliminate contrast destroying reflections, sophisticated heat and power control subsystems to prevent blooming and grey outs, and a support platform that ensures mechanical stability. Plus the options of other talent support devices such as tally lights, timers, camera numbers and auxiliary displays. No consumer grade displays satisfy these needs.

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