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Tekskil SelectVIEW

Replace your aging LCD Prompter with Tekskil’s SelectVIEW Prompter Display

Failing prompter displays are a common headache for broadcasters. Tekskil’s SelectVIEW prompters are the solution – a purpose built replacement monitor with benchmark reliability, features and cost.

SelectVIEW monitors provide three user selectable image sizes –

  • Power consumption is minimized with long-life energy efficient LED edge lights.
  • Every SelectVIEW has the built-in mounting hardware for simple replacement of any brand of prompter.
  • SelectVIEW monitors are half the cost (or less) of similar displays.
  • A three year warrant is standard

Tekskil has built the SelectVIEW to last and we’re prepared to stand behind it.

Proudly made in North America for 30 years. Call us for details at 877-TEKSKIL (835-7545)

SelectVIEW Installation | SelectVIEW Installation

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