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Industrial Solutions

Corporate video productions cover a wide range of purposes from corporate communication, training and education, videotaping conferences and conventions, and product sales.

In all of these cases, Tekskil teleprompters will help your crew to complete their productions with excellent production quality and a lot less retakes.

Nothing holds up a production more than unprepared talent flubbing their lines – a teleprompter can ensure the script won’t be messed up and that the content is professional and convincing.

Whether you are shooting a detailed product demo or a long presentation or using a presenter with minimal experience in front of a camera you need to consider a teleprompter.

Here are some typical scenarios:

Using a professional presenter or actor

If the presenter is not a subject matter expert then they are faced with script memorization.  That’s a daunting task which gets in the way of delivering the content. Happily, a teleprompter gets rid of the memory work and many professional presenters already know how to work them!

Long presentations

The longer the video, the greater the need for a teleprompter. Sit through just one session where the presenter repeatedly stumbles on the content and then has to start at the beginning again, and you’ll wish you’d invested in a teleprompter.

Complex presentations

Product demos, technical and corporate presentations require a lot of different verbal and physical actions to happen at the same time.

Experience in front of a camera

Your best trade show guy might be a crackerjack pitchman in front of an audience but that can all go out the window when they are asked to do it one more time in front of the camera and lights. Mount an on-camera prompter on each camera – you’ll be impressed with how much confidence this builds.

A few well-placed prompters allow the people that really know the equipment (the product managers and business owners) to focus on what they are doing and how it’s being said without the anxiety of keeping track of the script.

Failure is not an option. If you have just one chance to get it done with a senior executive, a good prompter will save the day. It will allow the speaker to make script changes on the fly and with two or more cameras in action, the scripts can be broken into bite-size pieces for post-production assembly. The senior guy will be impressed with how well he comes across and more inclined to work with your crew in the future.

Tekskil has a complete line of prompters to work with your production crew – compare our features, quality and price. Tekskil won’t be beat.

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