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Teleprompter usage provides the talent with easily read text to present content without the stress of ad-libbing.

Video production is becoming a mainstay in many schools – it’s a powerful and economical way to improve student engagement, promote media literacy, stimulate higher level thinking, and increase overall scholastic achievement.

Many school video programs take the route of providing a morning news program, usually consisting of the day’s announcements and brief reports of school news and other current events.

Teleprompter usage provides the talent with easily read text to present content without the stress of ad-libbing.

Morning news programs can be staffed with also little as three students or, potentially, any larger number. Some schools integrate their video production offering as part of the elective curriculum, giving students grades and credits for participating. Another approach is to run it as an extracurricular activity, with students volunteering their time for the production. Finally, some schools combine video production with their gifted education or other programs.
Any educational program is first and foremost a learning outlet.

Procuring equipment is often the most challenging aspect of launching a school video production program. Video equipment can be bewildering and prohibitively expensive – start your program with good quality basics; cameras, tripods, lights, prompters, and switchers.

These core pieces of gear will get you into production – make sure they are easy to operate and built to withstand the rough handling dished out by enthusiastic amateurs!

The focus needs to be delivering a quality production which entertains and informs the viewers and provides students with a good learning opportunity.

A state-of-the-art control room is impressive but usually not necessary (or even desirable – complexity is a sure-fire way to kill student enthusiasm).

Teleprompters provide your production with the needed polish and continuity to keep the viewers engaged – watching the program instead of laughing at it. Tekskil has been building prompters for schools since 1983 – our equipment has the best performance to cost ratio of any teleprompter on the market.

Whether your studio is used for producing an adhoc morning news program, or educational programs for the classroom, there’s a Tekskil teleprompter that will make the job easier and fit within your budget.

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