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Broadcast Solutions

Production quality is no longer an afterthought – today’s television viewer has sophisticated expectations and plenty of other choices when they’re not being satisfied. Production quality is a whole lot more than video quality, despite the best attempts of camera and lens manufacturers to convince broadcasters otherwise. Over 80% of polled viewers rate narrative content and delivery as the foremost factor in perceived production quality.

Bottom line?
It’s the performance of the on-screen presenter that counts most.

What to do about it?
Savvy producers look at production from the talent’s perspective rather than the control room’s. On-air performers must present engaging body language, snappy, articulate delivery and engaging content. It’s a daunting task and the talent needs all the help the staff can provide. The irony of most broadcast facilities is that sophisticated automation and hyper-connectivity end at the cameras – a communications moat isolating the talent from the rest of the crew.

Tekskil has specialized in bridging this moat for more than 25 years – we design and manufacture an extensive array of talent support tools to enable viewer satisfying presentations.

The Tekskil brand is founded on technological innovation and tireless engineering.

Our equipment is tailored to seamlessly integrate into any broadcast configuration and deliver first-rate presentation support, smooth operation and excellent reliability.

Tekskil leads the industry in LED technology, which delivers benefits that far outweigh those of the fluorescent backlit monitors that have been the norm until recently. These benefits include superior light distribution, higher contrast levels and a better overall picture quality, but also significantly lower power consumption than existing monitors. This is an important factor in the longevity of the panel. Tekskil warrants our LED panels for an unprecedented five years.

Tekskil realizes that some Broadcast Production facilities are eliminating their analog video infrastructure and going all digital. To that end, Tekskil offers optional SD/HD-SDI inputs on all of the 19 inch SelectVIEW Series and the 22 inch Premium Series Prompters.

Check out our offerings – on-camera prompters, auxiliary monitors, single and dual stage tallies, timers, camera IDs and prompting software for both indoor and outdoor broadcasting.

You’ll be impressed with Tekskil’s features, performance and price. We guarantee it.

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