Basic Motorized PTZ Teleprompters

Tekskil offers two Basic Prepositioning Motorized PTZ Prompter Systems. Full Height and the 10 inch shorter Lo-Boy, both with 19 inches of motorized lift.

Is your Talent sitting down in a casual group setting or raised up on a platform behind a desk? Tekskil has a solution for both scenarios. Choose either one of these pedestals and have a solid foundation for your PTZ Camera at a price that is lower than most manual pedestals. With a 90 lbs. payload, even the heaviest systems can be supported. Add 3 local memory presets and an included tethered remote with Up/Down
control and it will be difficult to justify anything else!

Add the Q41 Basic Pan Table and have ±185° rotation of the Camera Platform with its 3 local memory presets and its included tethered remote with Left/Right control and you have the best of robotics capabilities at an affordable price.

The Q30 PTZ Capsule has a 26 inch Beamsplitter with a 10 foot distance, 24 foot wide Field of View. Add either of our Premium Series 19 inch Prompter Panels (D10: 550+ Nits or D17: 1000 Nits) to complete the basic system. With space for a PS-90 Power Supply inside the forward leg,
both Basic Pedestals can supply DC power to the Pedestal and Pan Table. A second PS-90 or a PS-160 will fit in the tray of the Q30 to provide power for the Camera Prompter and Accessories. DC Power distribution is built into our D17 Premium Prompter Panel.

Add a Clock, Talent Assist/Aux Monitor and a TallyCAM to complete the system and you have the complete package in one system from one manufacturer – Tekskil Broadcast Products. Production facilities that do not need full robotic capability, but have the need to make repeatable shots will find that the Basic Motorized PTZ Prompter solution exactly fills their needs.

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